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Sochi International Airport is located in the Adler district of the city of Sochi.

Sochi International Airport is within the top10 Russian airports in terms of domestic passenger traffic.

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  • During the Winter Olympics, the airport was capable of handling up to

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Forty air carriers perform scheduled and charter flights from Sochi. The airport’s route network includes 60 domestic and international destinations. 

Sochi International Airport is unquestionably the best regional airport in the Russian Federation. In the process of the terminal building construction, all current technological and environmental standards were met.

Baggage handling is done using Dutch VanDerLande state-of-the-art equipment. For passenger and baggage screening, UK RAPISCAN equipment is used to provide 4-level screening with up to 7,000 units per hour capacity

Within the new terminal building, the unbundled check-in system is used, along with self-check-in kiosks. Baggage customs clearance is done after check-in.

Basel Aero has invested $1 million to introduce permanent accessibility improvements for passengers with reduced mobility and other disabilities.

As part of the navigation package for the blind, the airport is equipped with tactile footpaths throughout the building. Three mnemonic schemes featuring Braille letters, are installed near the entrance and inside the terminal. The disabled can familiarise with the airport facilities using these schemes.

We have also introduced a preferential queue and a dedicated security check point for passengers with disabilities. The personnel, manning the checkpoint, have undergone disability awareness training.

Sochi airport uses energy-saving technologies. Solar batteries installed on the terminal roof provide 85% of the hot water in summer time and 25% in winter.

Since 2013, the airport has been capable of handling up to 2,500 passengers per hour, and during the Winter Olympics, handling capacity will increase to 3,800 passengers per hour, thus meeting the requirements of the International Olympic Committee. 

According to the results of 2015 performance, the airport received the Second National "Air Gateway of Russia" award in "The best regional airport with a passenger traffic of up to 7 MPPA" nomination. 

Following the results of the comprehensive survey of the airports 'terminal infrastructure quality and passenger service carried out by AviaPort aviation news agency, in 2015 Sochi International Airport demonstrated good dynamics and received the highest rating - five stars, while a year earlier in the same ranking the airport had been awarded 4 stars.



In 2015 Sochi International Airport handled around 4.1 million passengers (+32% against 2014) and was ranked 7th in terms of passenger transportation in Russia.


On 10 December the airport celebrated its 70th anniversary. On that day the airport handled its 4 millionth passenger.

The previous year teemed with sports, cultural as well as business events. On 3-4 October Sochi airport handled over 400 participants in IWAS World Games, including referees, technical delegates representing various sports and over 150 wheelchair athletes. A few days later, on 6-12 October, the airport handled over 100 000 passengers that were guests and participants in Formula One Russian Grand Prix. Also in 2015 Sochi International Airport handled for the first time the participants and the guests of Novaya Volna (New Wave) song festival.


2014 was the most significant year in the history of Sochi International Airport. From January 7 until March 18, the airport serviced 614,595 participants and guests of the XXII Winter Olympic Games and XI Paralympic Winter Games. Of them, the airport serviced 303,035 arriving passengers, and 311,560 departing ones. Within the same period, the airport provided 9,637 aircraft movements, handled more than 7,674 tons of baggage, 1,600 tons of cargo, and 25,6 tons of mail, 614,595 participants and guests of the XXII Winter Olympic Games and XI Paralympic Winter Games. In total, for the entire 2014 the passenger traffic of Sochi International Airport amounted to more than three million passengers. Such a record was achieved for the first time in three years.

Another innovation was the introduction of the "Open Sky" regime. Since October 19, 2014, foreign airlines may perform flights from Sochi without any restrictions, as well as take new passengers onboard transit flights. The "Open Sky" will be in force at Sochi airport until the spring 2016.



VIP terminal building put into operation.



New terminal building put into operation. Over the period of its operation the airport handled over 60 million departing passengers.


2.3 million passengers handled.


Launch of scheduled international flights to Bratislava, Budapest, Prague. Subsequently Middle East and West European routes were launched.



The airport was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor for operational excellence.


Over 902 000 departing passengers were handled.



Construction of passenger and cargo terminal as well as hotel for 200 persons was completed. Navigation systems and landing systems were installed.



Around 35 000 departing passengers and 1 000 tons of cargo were handled.



Airport terminal building and runway (RWY-1) were completed.


23 November 1945

The airfield was constructed in the area previously occupied by Chernomorets seed-production farm in order to protect the Black Sea coast during the Great Patriotic War. At the same time airport HQ and the relevant services occupied a one-storey building of 20 sq m area. The airport serviced high-speed Li-2 and Il-12 aircraft. Air traffic control was maintained using aerodrome control radio and direction finder only in daytime. In summer period up to 7 flights were performed. In 1946 around 17 000 departing passengers were handled.


The airport was established in accordance with the order of the Main Directorate of Civil Aviation dated