Cargo transportation

Cargo release hours:

08:00-12:00 and 20:00-06:00

Cargo acceptance:


Sochi International Airport Cargo handles cargo and mail from 08:00 until 20:00, performs express customs clearance of exported and imported goods in accordance with IATA rules, which allows to operate in the international transport system.

The Terminal offers the following services:

  • consultations and selection of an optimal route and air carrier
  • booking cargo operations
  • sale of cargo services performed by scheduled flights from Sochi International Airport
  • cargo acceptance from shippers
  • loading & unloading operations in the cargo terminal with special equipment
  • issuance of the required documents in performance of long-haul cargo - Customs clearance procedure
  • regular and special cargo storage at the warehouse
  • customs cargo storage at temporary storage warehouse (TSW)
  • cargo express acceptance and delivery (service)
  • cargo acceptance in Sochi
  • tracking the cargo en-route and its receipt by the consignee

The Cargo Terminal capacity allows to handle special cargo. The warehouses are equipped with refrigerating and freeze chambers to accommodate perishable cargo.

The Cargo Terminal also provides handling of heavy/oversized cargo with large tonnage lifts. Oversized cargo may be stored on designated areas.

Sochi International Airport also acts as an agent/subagent of major air carriers like S7, Russia, UTair and many others, which allows the cargo shipper to opt for the most suitable air carrier, route, and fare.

Upon a cargo shipper's request, the staff of the Cargo Terminal will furnish the required information about all destinations of concern and will be ready to establish long-term contractual relationships.

The Cargo Terminal offers competitive fares for cargo operation thanks to the absence of intermediaries.

Cargo acceptance and release hours: 08:00 - 20:00.

Cargo acceptance: 24/7.