Tax Free

International visitors from outside the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) are eligible to reclaim the VAT on their purchases (retail trade) made in EEU.

The following documents are needed for reclaiming:

  • passport issued by an authorized body of a foreign state (not a member of the EEU) and on which the person entered the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • a Tax Form, issued to a foreign national by the retail trade organization approved by the Customs Authority of the Russian Federation.

The Tax Form for reclaiming the VAT is issued at the request of a foreign national in one copy upon sale of goods (retail trade) within one calendar day for an amount not less than 10 thousand rubles including tax.

In store:

  • When paying for your purchases, ask store staff for a Tax Free Form.
  •  Present your passport.

  •  Inform the store staff which goods you will carry in your baggage and which ones in your hand luggage.

  • Present your bank card for specifying details in the Tax Free Form*.

  • Get Tax Free Form in the store.

  • Sign the form in the “Buyer's consent” box on the reverse side.


At the airport:

  •  Please allow enough time for all pre-flight procedure. We suggest to arrive to the airport 3 hours prior the departure.
  • Check-in and get your boarding pass.

  •  Proceed to the Customs Tax Free Сontrol Department.

  • Present the purchased goods (except for excisable goods), the passport and the original Tax Free to the customs officers.

  •  Do not check the purchased goods in your baggage before passing customs control.

  •  Do not remove branded labels before passing customs control.

  •  Get an approval from the Customs Authority (special mark on the original Tax Free Form).

  •  Place a Tax Free Form approved by the Customs Authority in a special box located next to the Customs control.

 Customs Tax Free Control Department is in Sector C (2nd floor) and in the VIP terminal of Sochi International Airport.

A foreign national independently has the right to choose a method of refund. Tax Free refund can be made both in cash and by bank transfer.

Detailed information on the Tax Free Shopping is available on the information desks and information stands. Booklets for foreigners have been made available.

Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 105 of February 3, 2018 “On the implementation of a pilot project on compensating to foreigners – individuals the VAT amount on the goods exporting outside the customs territory of the Eurasian Economic Union” and the Government Resolution of the Russian Federation No. 172-r and No. 173-r of February 7, 2018 on the participation of Sochi Airport Customs.