Sochi Airport is one of the most customer-focused airports in the world in the context of the pandemic

Sochi International Airport is included in the Voice of the Customer list. The International Airports Council (ACI), which has identified 140 airports that are most active in the implementation of the passenger service quality research program in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Voice of the Customer is a new form of ACI recognition. It notes the achievements of airports that continued to prioritize passengers and responded quickly to their changing needs and expectations in 2020. It has never been more important for airports to listen to the voice of their customers", - said Luis Felipe de Oliveira, general director of ACI World.

The recognition of the "Voice of the Customer" is a clear indication that Sochi Airport is constantly improving the quality of passenger service. Even in the context of anti-epidemic restrictions, new relevant services were introduced, processes and procedures were adapted, and the internal structure of airport services was revised.

For example, in 2020, Sochi Airport organized its own cleaning service, which will increase the efficiency and quality of cleaning in the terminal. Changing the location of the information desk and improved navigation help passengers orient faster on the spot and, as a result, maintain a social distance in the terminal terminals. The airport also has thermal imagers that automatically measure the temperature of all passengers and guests at the entrance during the inspection of the terminal.

"High-quality indicators have become an achievement of the entire Sochi Airport team. Even in the difficult conditions of the fight against the pandemic, we manage to ensure the maximum comfort and safety of passengers. Of course, the current situation with the coronavirus has made changes in our plans, but we intend to continue to follow the set course – to improve the quality of travel, as well as to develop innovative technologies", - said Sergey Filippov, Managing Director of Sochi International Airport.

We recall that Sochi International Airport has been participating in the ASQ ACI rating since 2015. At the end of 2019, Sochi Airport was recognized for the fifth time as the best airport in Europe in terms of the quality of passenger service in its category.

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