Sochi International Airport improved Food Court

On the eve of the high season, Sochi Airport has prepared new opportunities for passengers to have a good time before the flight.

In mid-May, the reconstruction of the Food Court in the departure waiting area was completed. On a space of 331 sq. m. opened new restaurants and coffee shops.
Pelmen Lab is a new modern dumpling and real creative laboratory. An original approach to rethinking a traditional dish will surprise even skeptics: in Pelmen Lab, dumplings turn into gastronomic art. There are six types of dough and six different colors, which are provided by a natural dye: cuttlefish ink, carrots, parsley, spinach, egg yolks, or tomatoes. However, experiments can be postponed, starting with homemade dumplings, with chicken, with lamb, or the famous "bear ears". Visit Pelmen Lab to discover new tastes, experiment, and be surprised.

The Doner House, which is located next to the Pelmen Lab, is also interesting. This restaurant serves juicy and delicious shawarma with chicken, lamb kebab, and vegetarian doner. Would you like a big meal? Order ponderous shawarma in an Arabic pit, on a plate, or in a Danish bun with crispy onion fries. Do you like spicy food? Add jalapeno peppers, fresh vegetables, or a homemade sauce, which is kept in secret. If you decide to have a hearty lunch choose salads, oriental soups, various deep-fried dishes, and homemade drinks. At Doner House, the food is fast and delicious.

The international network CoffeeShop Company is also represented at the Sochi International Airport. The cozy lounge and the aroma of 100% Alpine Arabica invite you to warm heartfelt conversations while waiting for departure. Coffee and desserts for every taste are ideal for family brunches. Modern European cuisine and an alcohol menu will fit into the format of business lunches.

Reconstruction of the Food court started last summer. Earlier, in the departure area of Sochi airport were opened the restaurant Butcher and the Sea and the cafe of Italian cuisine Pizza&Pasta. In the first one visitors offered to try meat dishes made from farm products of the Kuban and the Black Sea seafood. You can also enjoy the best beers of Russian and foreign production in the Irish bar.

If you are a fan of pizza and you are salivating from one type of pasta, we invite you to go on a gastronomic journey and enjoy the taste of Italy in the cafe Pizza&Pasta. Passengers with children will be especially welcome here. Parents no longer need to eat in turn and distract the kids with gadgets. There are mini-play areas and high chairs for children in this cafe. Little gourmets eat everything themselves and ask for an addition.

Sergey Filippov, Managing Director of Sochi International Airport:

- By opening new food outlets on the territory of the airport, we try to offer our passengers the maximum variety. So for example, doner and shawarma were not previously presented in any of the cafes and restaurants of the airport. We tried to fill this gap. We are sure that the delicious cuisine of the new restaurants will be a pleasant end to your holiday in the Black Sea resort and add positive emotions.

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