Sochi international airport is ready to the winter season

On the eve of the autumn-winter season, Sochi international airport services are preparing and checking all systems and equipment.

So special transport of the airfield service passed prevention. Initially, 4 Schmidt plow-brush machines based on the MAN car for snow removal were tested. In total, the service operates 28 units of special equipment, including tractors, trailed equipment for the distribution of liquid anti-ice reagents with a working width of 15 m, dumps of 3.5 m and 5 m. The main difficulty in using special equipment is the time-consuming process of hooking dumps to plow and brush special equipment Schmidt. The airfield service during the preparation period for the autumn-winter period carries out daily training of this process, in order to reduce the loss of time for readiness in case of operational need. The final goal is to have the Schmidt plow and brush machinery ready in 20 minutes.

4 deicers that are in the reserve of the ground service of aircraft also passed inspection and were allowed to work by a specially organized Commission.

De-icers are used to treat aircraft with de-icing liquid. The liquid removes icing, and lingers itself on the surface of the aircraft on the ground, as well as during its take-off until a certain speed is reached. This procedure is necessary due to the nature of icing caused by the conditions of the subtropical climate of Sochi. Due to high humidity and temperatures close to 0 °C, an ice crust may form on the surface of the aircraft. Thus, treatment with de-icing liquid is necessary even in the conditions of the southern winter.
The amount of liquid used depends on the nature of the winter period. As a rule, before the start of the winter season, samples are taken from existing stocks, and new liquid is purchased if necessary.

Along with the inspection of special equipment, all employees involved in aircraft maintenance undergo seasonal retraining. Staff training is carried out according to programs developed and approved for a specific calendar season. In addition, Sochi international airport is strengthening its staff by attracting additional personnel for loading and unloading cargo. This is due to an increase in the amount of oversized baggage in winter and, consequently, an increase in the total tonnage of cargo served.

Recall that despite the advance preparation, the autumn-winter period of Sochi International airport starts, as a rule, in mid-November. The transition to the autumn-winter flight schedule is carried out from October 25.

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