Online check-in

Online check-in begins in 24 hours and finishes in 40 minutes prior to
departure on the website of an airline or via a mobile application.

Having checked-in online, scan the barcode from the mobile device by means of a
special device, the 'Reprinter' and independently print out the boarding pass.
The 'Reprinters' are located in self-check-in areas in sectors A, B,C, and also
in front of the preflight inspection area.

You can check-in your luggage at the Drop-off Desks within 5 hours before departure,
but not later than 40 minutes.

Check-in airlines

Other airlines

Russia, Ikar (Pegas Fly), Izhavia, Komiaviatrans, Grozny Avia, Yamal, Severstal, RusLine, IrAero, Nordwind Airlines (North Wind), AZUR air , "Orenburzhye", I Fly, KrasAvia, YUVT Aero, Pioneer-regional airlines, Alrosa, Nordavia, Saratov Airlines, VIM-Avia and Red Wings.

Registration at the airport (Complete check in)


You will be able to check-in for a flight at Sochi International Airport at the check-in counters in sectors A, B and C. The check-in procedure begins not earlier than 3 hours before departure and finishes not later than 40 minutes.

Self-service check - in kiosks

Sspecial check-in kisks are installed in sectors A, B and C.

It is possible to use a self-check-in kiosk even if you travel with your luggage. After obtaining the boarding pass, 5 hours prior to departure, you can  check-in your luggage at a Drop-Off desk on the second floor of the terminal in sectors A and B.
You can specify self-check-in conditions on the website of an airline.

Time for check-in

If you need to be checked-in by the airport, make sure that you arrive on time. The check-in procedure on domestic flights starts 2 hours prior to departure. The check-in procedure on international flight begins 3 hours prior to departure. The check-in procedure of business class passengers is performed at the counter No. 20.

Sochi International Airport really cares for each of our passengers. Because of the fact that the check-in procedure finishes 40 minutes prior to departure, you are recommended to arrive in advance to finish all check-in procedures and go through the security checkpoints, so that you have enough time to relax, visit our cafes and choose gifts for your relatives. Please, mind some extra time if you have special luggage or if the additional help is necessary.

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