Receipt of baggage

Issue of luggage (Collect your baggage)

On the place of issue of luggage you will be informed on information displays or by sound messages. Luggage tapes are located on the first floor of air terminal in sectors And yes With, for passengers of domestic and international flights respectively. You will be able to receive the luggage right after its presentation to issue on the basis of the baggage receipt and the detachable coupon of a number luggage label.

Issue of the registered luggage is made at the airport to which the luggage was accepted for shipment. At your request the luggage can be issued at the airport of transit or the airport of a stop if issue of luggage in these points is not prohibited by international treaties of the Russian Federation or other regulatory legal acts of the country of residence.

At loss of the baggage receipt or the detachable coupon of a number luggage label, address the representative of airline for luggage claim.

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