Passport and visa control

Migration control

In accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation the foreign citizen or the person without citizenship (foreign citizen) at entry into the Russian Federation are obliged to receive and fill out the migration card which contains the information about the foreign citizen and serves for control of its temporary stay in the territory of the Russian Federation, and at departure from the Russian Federation is subject to delivery (refund) at the check point through frontier of the Russian Federation.

Order of filling of migration cards

Exit and entrance parts of migration cards (coupons "And" and "In") are filled out personally with owners of the documents having the right to entrance and stay in the territory of the Russian Federation is legible, without blots and corrections by an ink or ball-point pen (black, blue or violet color).

Foreign citizens fill both parts of the migration card and hand over it to the employee of border control together with the passport and other certificates and travel documents. If the foreign citizen does not know Russian, filling of information about itself with him in English according to the data in the passport or other document proving his identity is allowed. Columns of the migration card are filled out accurately and clear with printing letters.

For designation of a floor and a purpose of visit of the passenger the X badge which is put down in the corresponding graphs is used.

The arrived foreign citizens in the Russian Federation should be registered in territorial authority of Federal Migration Service within 3 days after arrival in the place of destination or within 1 day at hotel accommodation or other organization rendering hotel services (except for the foreign citizens registered through the MFA).

Exit part of the migration card ("In") should be stored in the passport of the passenger before passing of border control on departure from the Russian Federation.

The migration card is filled out on each foreign citizen irrespective of age.

If the passenger is for one reason or another not able to fill out the migration card, he is come to the rescue by the employee of migration service.

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