If you travel with luggage, we recommend to arrive to the airport beforehand for passing of the procedure of registration of luggage. Registration of luggage on flights is performed on the basis of the identity document, and comes to an end not later than 40 minutes to departure time.

The procedure includes: weighing of all luggage, check of compliance to rules of transportations, issue of number labels for luggage and hand luggage. The number luggage label serves for identification of each place of the registered luggage.

Information on your luggage (seating capacity, weight) will be specified in the baggage receipt which is a part of the ticket or are brought in electronic form at registration.

If your luggage demands special conditions of transportation, warn about it the agent on a check-in for designation by a special sticker.

After checking in of an obligation for safety are assigned on carrier.

Transportation luggage is a lot of, specified in the ticket, is paid for the rate established by carrier. Payment of transportation of such luggage is made out by the receipt for payment of above-standard luggage or the order of different charges.

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