The objects permitted to transportation in hand luggage

The objects permitted to transportation in hand luggage.

For transportation in a cabin the following objects are resolved:

  • the barometer or a mercury manometer packed into the strong external packaging set containing the condensed internal insert or a bag from the strong impervious or puncture-proof bag which is doing not pass mercury which prevents leak of mercury from a package irrespective of its position – in coordination with the representative of joint stock company and a notification of KVS;
  • disposable lighters - one on the passenger;
  • dry ice for cooling of perishable products - no more than 2 kg on the passenger;
  • 3% hydrogen peroxide - no more than 100 ml on the passenger;
  • the liquids, gels and aerosols relating to harmless in tanks with a capacity no more than 100 ml (or equivalent capacity in another dimensions of volume), packed into reliably closed transparent plastic package no more than 1 liter on the passenger;
  • liquids in containers with a capacity more than 100 ml are not even accepted for shipment if capacity is filled only partially.

On transportation drugs, baby food and special dietary requirements have an exception.

The liquids acquired in duty-free shops at the airport or onboard the air vehicle should be packed into reliably sealed (sealed-up) plastic package providing identification of access to package contents during flight on which there is a reliable confirmation that this purchase is made in airport duty-free shops or onboard the air vehicle in day (days) of a trip.

The airport authority, airlines, the operator has the right to make the decision on introduction of additional measures for providing an aviation safety on flights with the increased danger owing to what to forbid transportation in interior of the air vehicle of the following objects:

  • corkscrews;
  • a needle for subcutaneous injections (if medical substantiation is not provided);
  • knitting needles;
  • scissors with a length of edge less than 60 mm;
  • folding (without fixer) road, penknives with a length of edge less than 60 mm.

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