Preflight examination

What needs to be made for preflight examination:

  1. To prepare the passport and the ticket
  2. To put things in basket
  3. To pass through the metaldetector

Councils for examination passing:

  • you hold the passport and the boarding pass in hand or a pocket;
  • shift everything from pockets in a bag (first of all metal objects) before passing of the metaldetector;
  • take off outerwear, footwear if height of your heels is more than 2.5 cm, and the sole is thicker than 1 cm, a belt, headdresses, scarfs and put them in the baskets which are available in the hall of preflight examination;
  • put electronic instruments (phones, players, notebooks) in a separate container; without basket it is not recommended to put devices directly on a tape of the scanner as the risk of their damage increases;
  • be ready to what hollow and soft children's toys and also any electronic devices check in the special ways;
  • do not worry, to pass a metal detector frame — it is safe.
 Passengers are obliged to fulfill all requirements of the staff of the airport who are carrying out examination.

Be serious and fair with security service specialists

Answer the specifying questions fairly and shortly. For inappropriate jokes about dangerous objects can remove from flight and even to initiate proceedings on Article 207 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation ("Obviously untrue report on the act of terrorism")

It is forbidden to take in luggage and hand luggage:

  • Magnetic materials
  • Devices of shock action
  • Radioactive materials
  • Toxic and toxic agents, packagings with infectious material, mercury, antifreeze, braking fluid, etc.
  • Compressed and liquefied gases: propane, etc., barrels for self-defense, lighters (except one small lighter without not absorbed liquid fuel, except for a liquefied gas, available at itself), etc.
  • Flammable substances: acetone, gasoline, matches (except one small packaging of safe matches which is available at itself) spray paints, etc.
  • Flammable solid substances: the substances subject to combustion or the allocating flammable gases in interaction with water, etc.
  • The corrosion, corroding substances: mercury, acids, alkalis, organic peroxides, etc.
  • The explosives and objects filled with them: gunpowder, ammunition, caps, detonators, pyrotechnics, etc.

It is forbidden to take in hand luggage

  • Liquids and gels in tanks with a capacity more than 100 ml.
  • Weapon of any type and the objects imitating it.
  • Kolyushche-rezhushchiye objects: corkscrews, scissors, needles, axes, ice axes, edges, knives, swords, daggers, etc.
  • Tools of the percussion splitting-up action: bits, bludgeons of different types, means of hand-to-hand fight, etc.
  • Working tools: saws, mounts, drills, drills, etc.

The passenger's weapon without fail is given to the employee of an aviation safety of the airport for registration and transfer to crew members on temporary storage during flight. Registration and transfer of weapon aboard the air vehicle is performed not later than 1.5 hours before departure of your flight.

The underground group of the dangerous substances and objects prohibited to transportation onboard the air vehicle by crew members and passengers contains in Technical instructions on safe transportation of hazardous freights by air of ICAO.

If you did not hand over a thing (things) which cannot be carried by in the airplane in your hand luggage on a check-in, then they will be withdrawn.

In a cabin it is authorized to carry by purchases from Duty Free provided that they were sealed at the checkout in a plastic package together with the receipt, confirmatory that purchase is made in day of a trip; packaging is forbidden to be opened before arrival in the place of destination. Please, keep in mind that permission to transport liquids from Duty Free extends only to direct flights. On flights with change, the liquids packed into Duty Free of airport of departure will be withdrawn at the airport of change.

Preflight examination of passengers, luggage and hand luggage at the airport is made according to the "Rules of carrying out preflight and post-flight examinations" approved by Order No. 104 of 25.07.2007 of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation with the amendments approved by the Order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation of April 16, 2012 No. 96 "About modification of the Rules of carrying out preflight and post-flight examinations approved by the order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation of July 25, 2007 No. 104".

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