Airport check-in procedure

You will be able to check in for the flight at Sochi Airport on special desks in sectors And, In and Page. Registration procedure begins not earlier than before 3 hours before departure and comes to an end not later than 40 minutes.

You can check in for your flight at Sochi airport at special counters in sectors A, B and C. the check-in Procedure begins no earlier than 3 hours before departure and ends no later than 40 minutes.

  • Self-service Kiosks
    For self-check-in use the special boxes established in sectors And, In and Page.
  • Online Check-in Online registration begins in 24 hours and comes to an end in 40 minutes prior to departure on the website of airline or in the mobile application. After online registration, scan the barcode from the mobile device by means of the special device – a reprinter – and independently print out the boarding pass. Reprintera are located in self-check-in zones in sectors And, In and With and also before gates to preflight examination.

It is possible to use services of self-check-in even if you travel with luggage. After obtaining the boarding pass, in 5 hours prior to departure check in luggage on Drop-Off desk on the second floor of air terminal complex in sectors of A and B.

You can specify self-check-in conditions on the website of airline.

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