Travelling with children

Baby Care Room

The Baby Care Room is located in sector B on the 2nd floor.

At our Baby Care Room you can convenietly use the bedroom, the game room, the toilet room, the dining room. The Baby Care Room is provided free of charge.

While comfortably awaitng your flight, you can make use of

  • the living room with the TV and upholstered furniture;
  • the bedrooms;
  • the room of sanitary hygiene with hot and cold water;
  • the baby-changing table;
  • the kitchen with the microwave oven and children's furniture for the very small passengers convenience.

The Baby Care Room can be used by women with children under 7 years old and by woman on the second half of term of pregnancy, and also by passengers with two or more children if one of the children has not reached the age of seven.

All passengers both arriving and departing can use the Baby Care Room. Passengers with infants and with two or more children are prior to use the room.

It is necessary to provide your passport, boarding pass and medical certificate for the child (which can be received at the Clinics on the second floor of sector B)

Baby Care Room phone number:
+7 (8622) 249-77-86

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