Special assistance

Special assistance

Sochi International Airport pays maximum attention to passengers who need special assistance and provides all possible favorable conditions. It is free of charge and round the clock.

Passengers can request special assistance using various ways:

  • apply to an Aviation Security Inspector at the entrance;
  • approach the Infornation Stand which is located on the second floor in the sector B;
  • call the Enquiry Service: 8-800-301-1991;
  • send an email via the airport website;
  • use one of the telephones (which are installed in front of each terminal entrance).
    • Enquiry Service phone number: 

      You may need to mention the following:

      • date, time and flight number;
      • name of the airline;
      • wheelchair characteristics, such as dimensions, capability to transformation, availability of a battery;
      • availability of crutches or a guide dog;
      • what services are necessary for you.

      Sochi International Airport offers personalized assistance at the terminal, while landing and disembarkation.

      We will try to make your stay at the airport the most comfortable and to provide everything that you may need.

      • Car parks provide free parking space for passengers with disabilities. They are located in close proximity to the terminal and designated by the sign "Disabled person":
        1. the sectors A1, B1, C1
        2. the VIP Lounge car park
        3. the car parking No. 2 (daily parking).
      • Please approach the administrator of the car park on the third floor of the building of the air terminal and provide the corresponding documents in order to use the car park free of charge.
      • All entrances of the air terminal complex are equipped with ramps.
      • All floors of the terminal are specially equipped with Accessible Toilets.
      • You can ask for assistance by pressing a button installed on the wall near each entrance of the terminal and designated by the sign "Disabled person".
      • At the passenger's request the airport provides wheelchairs for stay on an airport site.

      Check-in, inspection and boarding for flight:

      • Passengers who need special assistance can undergo the check-in procedure independently on the allocated counter designated by the special information sign.
      • The separate aisle is foreseen for persons with disabiities in the Preflight Inspection Area.
      • It is possible to use the elevating platform independently to approach the gates to the buses.
      • Boarding, when required, is performed by the means of the ambulift and begins an hour proir the indicated departure time.


      • Disembarkation of passengers with disabilities happens after disembarkation of all passengers.
      • An Assistance Agent meets persons with disabilities at an air vehicle when arriving.
      • The agent helps to receive their luggage and accompanies persons with disabilities to the exits from the terminal.

      Carriage of individual means of transpotation

      • Wheelchairs used by passengers with disabilities are accepted for airborne transportation over the established free luggage allowance and without collection of an additional fare.
      • Passengers can use their own wheelchair until boarding the plane (except for electric wheelchairs).
      • Electric wheelchairs will have to be checked-in as the registered luggage at registration for flight. Passengers using such carriages are obliged to have a set of keys/devices for detachment of the accumulator from the wheelchair and also packaging for it.
      • Passengers or people accompanying them perform detachment and connection of clamps independently or by means of the staff of the airport.

      Services for persons with disabilities:

      • At the request of passengers with disabilities of health, the airport staff provide help in walking guide dogs.
      • At the request of the passenger moving on the wheelchair, an Assistance Agent helps them to check-in, to go throung the preflight formalities andboard the plane.
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