Creative evening of Semyon Altov

  • On June 20, 2021, on the Sochi stage of the Sochi Winter Theater, he invites Semyon Altov, a wonderful Russian pop comedian, to a humorous program. Semyon Altov is the first stand-up artist of our stage, who tells his stories in a dark and rough voice, with an ironic subtext. At his concert, everyone is constantly laughing, only the maestro himself always talks about life with a serious face! Many people tried to adopt this style, but it turned out so organically only from SEMYON ALTOV. Semyon Altov continues to write his works in the genre of satire, some of which have been adapted into films. The maestro is a laureate of the international festival of Satire and humor "Golden Ostap" and an Honored Artist of the Russian Federation. Altov gives the audience a sea of positive emotions, and the audience to him, unrestrained laughter and universal recognition!

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