Surganova and the orchestra with the program "On the contrast"

  • On May 23, in Sochi, for the first time on the stage of the Winter Theater, a large concert of the group "Surganova and Orchestra" will take place with a new long-awaited program "On Contrast", in which we will hear not only time-tested hits, but also those compositions on which she has been working recently.For 16 years, "Surganova and the Orchestra" has repeatedly radically changed the style, appearing before the audience in a hard rock and roll sound, then in pop-dance rhythms, then-as in the anniversary tour – in full-scale symphonic sound."We have spent the last few years experimenting with live and studio sound, inviting a wide variety of musicians to collaborate. But at the same time, we remember the special energy inherent in the songs in their original form, in which they were first performed many years ago. We want to show the audience their natural beauty! " - says Svetlana. The new program is based on the spirit of the band's first albums, which brought it fame. The essence of it - in the unique diversity of tracks, captivating lyrics and soulfulness-this at one time and won the audience and music critics Svetlana Surganova. This program was first shown in Moscow and St. Petersburg for the band's birthday and made a splash. Many people said that these were the best concerts of the band in recent years. Before the tour, the band goes on a sabbatical for several months to prepare and create new songs, so the program promises to be rich and bright. The big concert of the group "Surganova and Orchestra" in Sochi will take place on May 23, 2021 for the first time on the stage of the Winter Theater. The concert duration is 120 minutes.

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