Symphony Hollywood

  • The concert is an extravaganza. The Northern Symphony Orchestra of the Music Hall Theater, conducted by maestro Fabio Mastrangelo, will perform Oscar-winning music from Hollywood films - "Schindler's List", "Nights of Cabiria", "The Godfather", "Mission Impossible", "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Harry Potter" and others. A special gift for the audience will be the work "The Reel Chaplin" — a symphonic journey through the films of Charlie Chaplin with melodies from the films of the great comedian "Footlights", "Parisian", "Baby", "Sunny Side", "Chaplin's Revue", "New Times", etc. The concert is dedicated to the 132nd anniversary of the birth of Charlie Chaplin, which will be celebrated on April 16. The concert starts at 19.30 Great Hall

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