The Golden Voice of ENIGMA Andru Donald's

  • The name of the musical project "ENIGMA" (from other-Greek. "the riddle") speaks for itself: initially, the studio project was conceived as something mysterious – no one was supposed to know the performers. But now fans have the opportunity not only to hear the "mystery voice", which is deservedly considered the golden one in the ENIGMA project, but also to see Andrew Donalds at live concerts! Andrew Donalds is an internationally recognized singer and songwriter from Jamaica: he is known as a solo artist and an outstanding participant in the ENIGMA project. The artist's solo career began in 1994 after meeting the American producer Eric Foster White, who worked with Frank Sinatra, Britney Spears, Whitney Houston, Jessica Simpson, Julio Iglesias, etc. Together they released two solo albums by Andrew, and the single "Mishale" rose to the top of the charts around the world. In 1998, producer Michel Cretu invited Andrew to take part in the project"ENIGMA". Together they worked on 4, 5, 6, 7 ENIGMA albums, recording famous compositions – "Seven Lives", "Boum-Boum", "Je T'aime Till My Dying Day", "In The Shadow, In The Light", "Modern Crusaders" and many others – as well as on Andrew's solo albums and singles "Simple Obsession", "One Night Lover" and "All Out Of Love", which received international platinum single status. The music of "ENIGMA" is a cosmic synthesis of sounds, ethnic motifs, rhythm and feelings, which is difficult to attribute to any style: the project has generated its own musical style – "Enigmatic"! Andrew was invited to the ENIGMA project for a reason: he has an extraordinary fascinating voice, and his work is a mix of musical genres and styles from different countries: new age, ethno, pop, rock and roll, reggae, etc. The long-awaited performance of the artist is waiting for you in the upcoming autumn tour: do not miss the opportunity to hear the famous compositions of the magic project "ENIGMA" and solo hits of Andrew Donalds in a unique interactive format accompanied by a string band!

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