The solar line. Performance

  • Therapeutic comedy with brilliant actors, Julia Peresild and Andrey Burkovsky, staged by the owner of the "Golden Mask" Viktor Ryzhakov based on the play by the main Russian playwright Ivan Vyrypaev. After seven years of marriage, Barbara and Werner fought a battle to the death. At five in the morning, they have an endless dialogue, trying to overcome the barrier of mutual misunderstanding. The family scandal in the play rises to the level of a metaphor for human relations in general. How to find this point of mutual understanding? How not to kill each other, but on the contrary, to fall in love again as for the first time? Ivan Vyrypaev about the play "The Solar Line": "I wanted to show the mechanism why people can't find contact, what prevents them. The play shows 5-6 such mechanisms: from the banal - when we do not hear each other and interrupt, to the maximum-when we perceive reality differently: when one speaks: "I was just apologizing to you" - " What were you doing just now? Did you just do that?!". And the purpose of this play is therapeutic." The play was nominated for the "Golden Mask-2019" award for "Work of a Director", "Work of a playwright"," Performance of a small form"," Female Role "and"Male Role".

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