Riga is an amazing city. Its Central District has preserved a whole complex of old, very old and ancient buildings that do not leave anyone indifferent. At the same time, Riga has always been an “older brother” in its small Baltic family. This city really gives the impression of a metropolis. He is seething, having fun, attracting thousands of tourists, quietly falling in love with them, forcing, if not to linger for a day or two, at least to come here again.

Divided by the wide 500-meter Daugava River, Riga will forever remain in the heart with its Art Nouveau-style facades, large green parks and cozy small bars, where minutes pass unnoticed by the crackle and flickering of candles.

Amazingly, this city combines its toy-like, as if descended from medieval engravings historical center, vibrant nightlife and a thriving restaurant business. The generous beauty, endless elegance and restless fusion of old and new in Riga has such a powerful charm that it can only be perceived to the accompaniment of the famous black Riga balsam.

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