If you are missing your baggage upon arrival, please contact Lost&Found.

Lost&Found counter is located in Sector В on the first floor of the Passenger Terminal Building.

Working hours: 24/7.

Contacts of Lost&Found Service and Lost Property Office is available on странице.

To register your missing baggage report you must have:

  • a boarding pass;
  • a baggage tag;

The missing baggage report must contain a detailed description of your suitcase or bag, including its contents.

Delayed baggage receipt

Most airlines deliver baggage that has not arrived on time to the passenger's address. An agent from Lost & Found service will contact you upon actual arrival of your baggage at Sochi airport, and provide information on the delivery of the baggage.

You can also pick up your baggage at the airport. Baggage handing-out is performed at Lost & Found.

To receive delayed baggage at the airport you must have:

  • a baggage tag;
  • a passport;
  • a missing baggage report.

Damaged baggage

If you notice upon your arrival that your baggage has been damaged or some of the contents missing, please immediately contact the Lost & Found service.

The employee will make a corresponding report and explain to you the follow-up procedure.

To report the damage or lack of contents, you must have:

  • a ticket;
  • a baggage tag;
  • damaged baggage.

If you have left the baggage reclaim area without making a report, you can only contact the airline carrier to file a claim. After leaving the baggage claim area, you cannot be provided with the damage report.

Sochi International Airport provides search for checked baggage of passengers of airlines that have concluded Baggage Search service agreement with the Airport.

Checked Baggage Tracing

If the passenger has not received the checked baggage at the destination airport, according to the passenger air carriage agreement, the Lost & Found agent takes all the necessary measures for the checked baggage search according to the written report made on the basis of the transportation documents, such as boarding pass and baggage tag.

If the checked baggage has not been found within 21 days from the day of the Missing Report submission, the passenger is entitled to demand compensation for the harmful consequences inflicted by the loss of the baggage from the Airline.

If the checked baggage has been found, the carrier (airline) delivers the baggage to the airport (point) of destination, specified by the passenger, without charging an additional fee.

If during the search of baggage its contents have become spoiled after a certain period of storage, adverse effect of temperature, humidity or other environmental conditions (hereinafter referred to as perishable baggage), Lost & Found agent is entitled to destroy all perishable baggage or a part of it immediately. In this case, a disposal report in 2 copies is made.

Checked baggage shall be delivered at the carrier’s expense.

The carrier himself is responsible for the baggage search if the airline has not concluded an agreement with Sochi International Airport.

Unclaimed Baggage Storage

Checked unclaimed baggage is stored at the destination airport without charging an additional fee for two days (from 00:00 to 24:00 hours), including the day of arrival of the aircraft on which it has been delivered. The costs of storage of baggage, not reclaimed by the passenger during the period established by this paragraph, shall be reimbursed in accordance with the Civil Law of the Russian Federation.

If the checked baggage with the properly registered baggage tag arrives at the airport (point) of destination, transfer or stop and is not received or claimed by the passenger, the Lost & Found agent ensures the search for the owner of the baggage. If the owner of the baggage is found, the carrier shall notify the passenger of the need to receive the baggage and the procedure for receiving or delivery.

The checked baggage is stored during 6 months from the day of passenger’s notification.

If the owner is not found – from the day of the aircraft arrival to the airport.

In case of non-receipt of the baggage by the passenger after the specified time limit, the baggage may be destroyed in accordance with the procedure established by regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation.

Lost&Found Service and Lost Property Office

+ 7 (862) 249-77-74
+ 7 (988) 233-61-18


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