One of the oldest cities in the world, founded in 782 BC. Despite the fact that there are almost no monuments of the time in the city, there is still something to admire.

The capital of Armenia impresses with the majestic architecture of the Soviet period. On the main street of the city is the Institute of Ancient Manuscripts of Matenadaran, where thousands of ancient Greek and Armenian manuscripts are collected. The center of the architectural ensemble of Yerevan is Republic Square with singing fountains and the government building with a colonnade.
Yerevan is often called the “pink city”, because almost all buildings are built of tufa - a stone of volcanic origin, which has a pinkish tint.

The hallmark of the city is the Grand Cascade, which consists of five open terraces built of white travertine. Nowadays there is a museum of modern art in Cascade, the collection of which includes paintings by Marc Chagall, Arshile Gorky, Andy Warhol and several funny street objects. Climbing upwards, overcoming five terraces with flower beds and fountains, you can enjoy the view of Mount Ararat (which is located in Turkey).

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