Mysterious and majestic, noisy and fabulously beautiful, Istanbul is a bridge between Europe and Asia, between the traditional East and the modern West. Throughout his rich history, he managed to change several names and become the capital of four empires: Roman and Byzantine, Ottoman and Latin.

The former capital of Turkey, its main cultural, commercial and industrial center, is divided into two halves, even geographically. It is located on two banks of the Bosphorus Strait, which means that it is immediately on two continents. The European part of Istanbul is conditionally divided by the Golden Horn Bay: the Old City with its famous sights has largely preserved its medieval appearance, and the New and concentrated business and commercial life. The Asian part is less popular with tourists, but it is here that you can in great detail study the traditions and life of local residents.

Istanbul has many faces: ceremonial squares adjoin here at first glance, cozy courtyards, intricate narrow streets - with bright avenues, ancient mosques - with modern mansions. The crowded, booming metropolis remains a city for contemplation, for leisurely immersion in an amazing world where times and cultures are mixed.

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